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Variants vs. Scariants Reloaded

The 2021 summer has come and gone as children across the U.S. have started to return to school. One could not help but notice the increased intensity of media reports, focusing on the spread of the variants, specifically the Indian Variant.

Go back and revisit the initial article on the topic. You will notice that the scary and Indian Variant dubbed "Delta" has already become dominant by early July 2021 and did not significantly impact consequential deaths.

Let's look at what has changed and how this Scariant could have evolved into a Variant of concern, especially to children and young adults.

By mid-August 2021, the so-called "Delta" Variant gained full dominancy of the viral(SARS-COV2) landscape. It accounts for over 98% of cases, cases tested, and samples reviewed retroactively to establish the genomic structure.

Let's contrast this view with the corresponding case trends and death.

Registered case numbers show a sudden climb beginning late July and especially in early August. However, we know that case numbers beyond supporting the theory of a "Casedemic" don't tell the full story. So let's look at the statistical death reporting.

In late July 2021, the statistical rise of cases doesn't correlate with the reported death numbers. This observation is a perfect one. Why?

When the world around us focuses on case numbers and how they trend, then naturally, one can become concerned with downstream effects, and indeed, in this case, the logarithmic numbers of death don't reflect that rhythm. Especially in children in age groups; 0-15 years, this number remains 0.00 in 100k.

In essence, the data has already confirmed that the Indian Variant has turned out to be a Scariant. The view above confirms once again that this remains to be true.

In closing and good spirits, remember what the pop-culture master said many years ago: "named must be your fear before banish it you can."


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