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Variants vs. Scariants*

It's summer time across the land and there is no refuge from the heat and fear mongering in the media. They all talk about a nearing doom.

So, let’s find out if this Indian, aka. Delta variant is perhaps a scariant?

Let's look at the data how prevalent these variants were.

In this overview of the variants identified in the "South" by the CDC Data. Since 5 June, the Indian variant has increased its dominance during testing periods and it was close to doubling its presence during each consecutive 2 weeks period(almost tripled in 6 weeks). As of 3 July the CDC reported that it accounts for close to 60% of cases identified by a PCR test.

Now let's contrast this data with the overview of positive infection rates. (established by a positive PCR) for the same period.

Observe the case rate numbers from the date when the delta variant was already identified as the dominant strain. Remember the case rates are per 100k.

Now, let's look at the death statistics for the same period.

Looking at deaths per 100k for the same period when the delta variant is “spreading” fast and it is claimed to be “more infectious and dangerous” we can’t just yet observe causation or correlation. Consequently its probable to make the observation that the Delta variant is nothing but the a scariant!

Enjoy the beginning of the summer with no FEAR!

*Check out Ivor Cummins, who is an inspiration!

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