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Everything wrong with the OSHA mandate. - The Hitchhikers Guide to Freedom.

Let's look at the term "doublethink." I mean, you should look at this term! OK. Now come back to this read.

George Orwell put it very clearly, and his definition resonates today more than ever.

Remember 2020 December, when President-Elect Biden was asked about mandates? I do.

He sounded like a person who had a complete understanding of the office he would take soon. The office that requires him to swear to uphold the fundamental principles of this Nation, the supreme law of the land, the Constitution. He affirmed to the American People that he would not mandate. Clearly, that was a "doublethink."

He must have known the path that was laid already, the path on the global build back better agenda. A path on sustainable development goals. - a path that is the past.

Goerge explained that "doublethink" is a case of simultaneously embracing two polar opposite ideas, outcomes, or meanings and applying them based on the ever-current situation so that no one could ever catch you in a lie. A mental quicksand. - isn't that what politics is all about?

Now, back to the present. OSHA. What's in the name? It stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It stands to advocate for occupational safety. It's in its name.

So how would this government organization be empowered to mandate?

It cannot.

It can bend to the standard operating procedure as its owners can prescribe its action.

The action described in a 490-page document is not short of opinions and citations with only one perspective in mind. Get them vaccinated!

The option of testing is secondary; it is a failure of ordering a uni-directional workforce by the enforcing company. An organization that has prospered over 100 members is its core subject.

Wait, but it says "employees"? In most states, employees who are "at-will" employment, a framework that ensures that dependence a.k.a corporate slavery would be avoided are subject to this ETS.

Wait, what is an ETS?

An Emergency Temporary Standard is what it says. Namely, a temporary requirement is elected in the face of an emergency to protect our Nation's workers from harm at the workplace.

Naturally, there are multiple points of uncertainty and criticism with this mandate. So much so that almost at its inception, a 5th Circuit Federal Courts of Appeals had to put a temporary halt to its implementation due to constitutional concerns.

There are grave humanitarian concerns with this mandate. The key ones that I point out to note are:

I. Mandating any vaccine, medical intervention, or gene therapy to (healthy) individuals without long-term safety studies cannot be considered temporary in its effect and potential harm.

Answer this question: How can an ETS claim to be temporary when its subject of requirement could imply long-term effects?

II. Requiring individuals to identify or assign to a specific group and be marked by periodic, weekly affirmation to belonging and constantly wearing a sign of affiliation.

Answer this question: What made an ethnic and religious group to be easily identified during an era where the objective was to segregate layers of society? Hint: think of color, geometry, and the name David!

III. Enforcement of this rule is expected by the company that chooses to abide by it, and with it, the morality is wholly outsourced, given to stewards of the organs of the economy. - harnessing the cold efficiency of fascism.

Answer this question: How can companies that are founded on voluntary participation (in most States) continue to produce returns to members (a.k.a employees) and shareholders when the government mandates on how to deploy its most fundamental investment, human capital?

Have you answered all the questions?

Where do we go from here?

Where is your line in the sand?

Whether it's about your or your family's future, or it's the violation of your beliefs, it ultimately comes down to the question of action. What does it take to get you in action?

Maybe it is a number?

"What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?" The Douglas Adams' novel, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Glalaxy, gives as an answer 42. That was in 1979.

Today, that number to the same question could be 1776.


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